Our Application Process

The types of projects that might legitimately seek funding support from the Reid Trust are diverse in nature, size and complexity. Therefore, we have not attempted to devise a fill-in-the-blanks type of application form. Rather we have developed an application process that we urge all applicants to work through.

An obvious first step is that prospective applicants should explore the material provided on this website. This will allow them to appreciate the goals for which the Trust was established and to understand the priorities that the Trustees have chosen to emphasize. Applicants will be expected to establish in their application why they believe that their project falls within these parameters and if not, why it is deserving of special consideration.

If prospective applicants are able to conclude that their project deserves to be considered by the Trust they are asked to familiarize themselves with two application documents that will assist them to prepare a formal application to the Trust. The most basic of those documents is called our Application Form. Our Application Form identifies the crucial information that the Trustees expect to receive in support of every application to the Trust.

The second document is designated “Guidelines for Applicants”. This represents a collection of suggestions and tips for applicants to the Trust that arise out of our experience of reviewing several hundred applications since 1999. These are practical suggestions concerning form and presentation which may be especially beneficial to those who do not ordinarily have occasion to prepare formal applications for funding. We do not wish to have the merit of a deserving project obscured by an application that is lacking focus.

These two crucial application documents are being provided in .pdf format. This format allows them to be consulted as part of the website but also facilitates their downloading for use on the applicants own computer or for printing. All applicants are expected to familiarize themselves with both these documents and be guided accordingly.

Please note: The application deadlines are April 1 and October 1 of each year.

Download the Application Form here.

Guidelines for applicants

For more information or to apply, please write to: admin@reidtrust.com.