Our Achievements

The first grants from the Trust were made in June of 1999. The Trust has approved grants totalling at an average of $30,000CAD to $50,000CAD per year. During this same period, which has included some economically challenging times, we are pleased to make it known that the capital resources of the original bequest have not been reduced but comfortably maintained. We are grateful to God for the blessings that he has provided.

We remained persuaded that the original vision of the Reid’s was bold, innovative and a gracious objective that remains as important now as when they first gave of their substance to their dream. With God’s help we hope to continue the work of the Trust with renewed strength in the days ahead.

Examples of the types of grants approved since the Trust began are:

  • Contributions towards major academic conferences in various academic institutions in Canada.
  • Funding research that has resulted in the publication of a number of significant books of both an academic and popular nature.
  • The funding of the costs related to the preparation and presentation of online courses for elders and church leaders.
  • Contributions towards the costs of many public lectures and forums at both Christian Institutions and public Universities.
  • Grants to subsidize the holding of workshops for the training of the laity.
  • Support for website projects that provide theological resources and promote Christian programs.
  • Grants for academic research related to the Reformed Faith.
  • A contribution towards the cost of translating and distributing reformation era materials.
  • A grant to fund local historical research and publication in a project that was of personal interest to Dr. and Mrs. Reid.

Many of the projects that the Trust has chosen to support are unique, complex and creative and do not easily fit into neat categories. However, when the varieties of projects that have been funded are grouped under general headings the following approximate percentages emerge.

Approximately 30% of our grants have gone towards the sponsorship of Christian conferences (both general and academic) and to fund special lecture series open to the public. These events have taken place in a variety of locations from coast to coast in Canada.

Approximately 25% of our grants have been awarded to established academic institutions to develop programs, assist with digitization, improve resources and support the teaching programs that form part of their ongoing educational mandates.

Approximately 25% of our grants have gone to support a variety of both academic and popular publication projects.

Approximately 10% of the funds dispersed have been awarded in the form of grants and scholarships to individual students working in accredited advanced academic programs.

Approximately 10% of the grants issued have been primarily focused on lay education.