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The Reid Trust
for Reformed and Presbyterian
theological education in Canada

The Priscilla and Stanford Reid Trust provides financial grants to individuals, congregations, organizations and institutions for projects that
satisfy the objectives of the trust.

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The Reid Trust in 2017

The Reid Trust continues to function according to its mandate. It meets twice each year to consider current applications to the Trust.

The Trust continues to maintain a wholehearted commitment to fulfilling the mission entrusted to us by Priscilla and Stanford Reid - namely, utilizing our assets for the support and furtherance of Reformed and Presbyterian theological education in Canada. Whatever decisions are made, that objective will not be lost.

The Trust issued its first grants in 1999 and has regularly issued grants in every year since that beginning. We have released grants totaling an average of $50,000.00 per year. During this same period, which has included some economically challenging times, we are pleased to make it known that the capital resources of the original bequest have not been reduced but comfortably maintained. We are grateful to God for the blessings that he has provided.

We remained persuaded that the original vision of the Reid's was bold, innovative and a gracious objective that remains as important now as when they first gave of their substance to their dream. With God's help we hope to continue the work of the Trust with renewed strength in the days ahead.

Robert J. Bernhardt, Secretary, The Reid Trust

Please note:   Application deadlines are April 1st. and October 1st. of each year.

It is requested that applications to the Trust be submitted in digital format (in either .pdf or .doc compatible files) with the digital submission to be followed by a hard copy forwarded by regular mail. Application deadlines would be fulfilled by the digital submission. Applications from anyone unable to comply with this request for digital submission will not be excluded from consideration. See Our Application Process for additional application information.