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The Reid Trust
for Reformed and Presbyterian
theological education in Canada

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These notes are intended to assist those using this website.

This website is quite simple in structure. Across the top of the banner graphic on each page there are a series of tabs. It is convenient to know that the tab on the left labeled "Welcome" always takes you back to the homepage (sometimes referred to as the "top" page). This is the page on which you probably entered the site. It is also important for you to note that there are two additional tabs that are located at the very top right hand side of each page. Those tabs provide internal information on the operation of the website. The page you are presently reading is accessed by the tab labeled "Using this Site".

Links: The links on this site which lead you to other websites on the Internet are displayed in red to make them more obvious. We have also tried to make it easier for you to know where a link will actually lead you even before you click on it. Hover your cursor over most links on this site and you will notice a little pop up window that explains where the link will take you.

Document Downloads: This website is also your means to access important material related to making an application to the Trust. By clicking on these documents you should be able to read them or download them to your computer and print them out. These documents are in a format called Portable Document Files (.pdf files). In order to access PDF files your computer must have installed on it software that can open these files. Most computers today are equipped with such software but if yours does not you can download suitable software from Adobe Reader

Printing: Should you wish to print out specific pages of this website we have done our best to make this easier for you. Built into the site is a printing protocol which means that printouts of these web pages should only include the material in the main column of the page. That saves paper and coloured ink, etc. Try it and see if it works for you.

Please note:   Application deadlines are April 1st. and October 1st. of each year.
See Our Application Process for additional details.