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The Reid Trust
for Reformed and Presbyterian
theological education in Canada

The Objectives of the Trust

Our Objectives

Provisions in the wills of the late Dr. W. Stanford Reid and his wife Priscilla established a substantial trust fund "for the support of Reformed and Presbyterian theological education in Canada". The fund, to be known as the Priscilla and Stanford Reid Trust, welcomes applications from individuals, congregations, organizations and institutions for the purpose of promoting lectures, conferences, publications and other programs and projects that satisfy the objectives of the Trust. Those unfamiliar with Dr. Reid or his wife Priscilla may want to become acquainted with The Reids.

The Trustees entrusted with administering these funds have defined the objectives of the Trust:

The Trust will seek to support initiatives within congregations or communities to promote education within the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition.

The Trust will look for opportunities to work co-operatively with existing organizations and institutions in the sponsorship within Canada of conferences, public presentations or lectures that reflect a Reformed and Presbyterian perspective.

The Trust proposes to offer scholarship assistance to worthy candidates who wish to pursue theological education or research, especially at a graduate level. While this education or research may take place outside of Canada it will be expected that those receiving the assistance intend to make a contribution to the Christian Church in Canada. (Special consideration will be given to applicants who are endeavouring to engage in such work while in mid-career.) To date these academic scholarship grants have been restricted to those working at a doctoral level.

The Trust will welcome opportunities to work cooperatively and supportively with authors and editors who aspire to publish books or produce educational resources that are in keeping with the objectives of the Trust.

The Trust is also prepared to consider providing support for the capital needs of organizations or institutions whose aims are compatible with the terms of the Trust.

The Trust is not focused exclusively on academic or technical theological endeavours but sincerely welcomes proposals which would foster a popular presentation of and appreciation for our Reformed theological heritage.

While the Trust is open to consider all applications the desire is more to facilitate new endeavours than to fund existing ones.

These defined categories of endeavour eligible for consideration by the Trust are not intended to exclude other creative proposals that would offer an opportunity for the promotion of vital, vibrant Reformed and Presbyterian theological education in Canada.

Please note:   Application deadlines are April 1st. and October 1st. of each year.
See Our Application Process for additional details.