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The Reid Trust
for Reformed and Presbyterian
theological education in Canada

How to contact
the Reid Trust

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The Reid Trust does not maintain a public office but rather the Trustees perform the work of the Trust from their personal home or office locations.

The mailing address for the Reid Trust and our e-mail address is included at the top of the right hand column on each page of this website.

Applications to the Trust are welcomed in digital format to the e-mail address provided. However, applications and general correspondence may be directed via Canada Post or Courier to the Trust at: The Reid Trust, 54 Callie Rd., Hamilton, ON, L9A 2A1, Canada.

The Internet address of the Reid Trust is:

While it is the preference of the Trust to do most of the business of the Trust in written form, whether via the postal service or digital communication, there are times when voice communication is useful. The Secretary of the Trust, Robert J. Bernhardt, may be contacted at 905-574-0096.

Note: All applications and inquiries intended for the Trust should be directed to the Trust as indicated above.

Please note:   Application deadlines are April 1st. and October 1st. of each year.
See Our Application Process for additional details.